Family Services

SOAR Fox Cities Family Program features a wide variety of specialized events, forums, activities, outings, celebrations and collaborative initiatives designed to provide meaningful, educational, supportive, fun, and worthwhile opportunities for families with disabilities.  Some of the many purposes of the program include:

  • Fostering healthy and happy relationships for families caring for a child with a developmental disability.
  • Providing family members/caregivers opportunities to share concerns, address questions, and network with others who share similar challenges.
  • Offering a safe, accepting and inclusive atmosphere for parents, siblings, relatives, friends, caregivers, and participants as they participate in meaningful community-based activities.
  • Offering free or low cost admission fees so there are no financial obstacles for involvement.
  • Providing interactive family activities with the opportunity for 1:1 assistance for individuals who need more specialized care.


Contact Grace Arrowood at 920-731-9831 x113.


Family Education Nights

Family Education Night’s are hosted by SOAR Fox Cities throughout the year. These nights are intended for families to come together to learn about a pertinent topic that can educate them on future planning for their loved one with a disability.

For questions or suggestions about a topic please contact Grace Arrowood at 920-731-9831 x113.