Adult Services

Social, Recreation & Respite

The Adult Social, Recreation and Respite Program (Adult SRR) provides a wide variety of activities and events year-round.   The programs are inclusive, so adults with varying abilities and functioning levels can participate in the activities.  The Respite activities are similar to the Social and Recreation activities but are longer in length.  SOAR Fox Cities recognizes that families/caregivers have a great need for respite (a break from their daily care giving responsibilities), so SOAR Fox Cities offers a full-day and evening respite opportunities each month.

The Adult SRR Program’s goal is to develop self-esteem, social skills and healthy lifestyles by providing educational, cultural and recreational opportunities to increase community involvement.  Keeping these adults active and engaged in the community is a major focus for our program.

Join us for a time where participants choose which activities they would like to participate in a month.  Most of these activities are integrated in community settings with the intent of having our participants be more involved in our community activities.

Respite:  We offer weeknight and weekend respite opportunities to caretakers.  The Length of time varies from 3 to 8 hours.

Please contact Paula Maurer at 920-731-9831 x122.  In case of an emergency after office hours, please call: 920-931-2530.


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Adult Education / SOAR Academy

The Adult Education Program is designed to educate adults with developmental disabilities on skills that will help them live as independently as possible.  All educational programs are taught with the needs of the participants in mind.  The Adult Ed Programs progress at a slower pace, include much repetition, feature hands-on learning and incorporate both verbal and visual teaching.  Life Skills Programs include:  Household chores (laundry, cleaning & making a bed, mending/sewing, cooking, shopping); Financial (avoiding scams, meaning/value of money, banking, budgets, identity theft); Home Safety (fire safety, common sense/safe behaviors); Personal Safety (pedestrian safety, weather safety, self-defense, privacy concerns, theft); Public Safety and Transportation (using a bus, taxi, Fox Valley Transit Connector Program, bike safety); Self Care (hygiene, first aid, emergency preparedness); Healthy Relationships (friendships, public and private behaviors, sex education, sexual assault prevention); Community Resources (recreational opportunities, volunteering, where to go when you’re in need of assistance), and Coping with Grief and Loss.

SOAR Fox Cities offers day time hands-on training to adults with developmental disabilities in the areas of healthy diets, physical fitness, personal safety, financial education, preventative and emergency health care, communication and conflict resolution, healthy relationships/sexual assault prevention and independent living skills.  Because our participants do not always have access to traditional adult programs (higher education, health clubs, exercise programs, money management strategies, etc.), there is a vital need to teach these individuals how to initiate and maintain a healthy life style.  All SOAR programs are tailored to the needs and learning styles of the participants.  See calendar for dates, times and activities locations.

All community members deserve access to education and community resources in an understandable, accessible manner.

Contact LeeAnn Stein at 920-731-9831 x112.


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SOAR On Wheels

Can’t come to us?  We’ll come to you!  Contact LeeAnn Stein at 920-731-9831 x112 for more information or to have us come to you for education and/or social opportunities.