About Us

SOAR Fox Cities Inc. is a local non-profit organization that provides programs and services to individuals with developmental disabilities.  We serve close to 1,200 participants and touch over 19,000 family and community members.

We offer a variety of services that range from Youth, Adult and Family Programs, Advocacy, Community Education, and even the third largest Special Olympics organization in the state!


Empowering People with Differing Abilities.


A community where all individuals can be actively involved and have opportunities to maximize their potential.


We Care – We show kindness and compassion toward all individuals.

We value Integrity – We conduct ourselves in a way that is honest, fair, transparent and ethical.

We value Respect – We honor and celebrate the differences in ourselves and others.

We value Positive Relationships – We recognize the power of positive relationships, providing opportunities to make human connections and supporting the development of life skills that contribute to strong relationships.

We value Advocacy – We champion the needs and concerns of individuals and their families.

We value Life-long learning – We view learning as an activity that engages and enriches individuals over the course of their lives.

We value Community – We serve as a resource for the community and provide activities that promote the participation of individuals and their families in the larger community.